Why Professional Education?

We believe in life long learning and the power to discover your own future. You have the ability to choose what you learn, where you learn, and how quickly you learn.

Professional Education was established in the fall of 2016 by the LDS Business College in conjunction with the CES Global Initiative. The purpose... to provide education to members of the church where ever they are located. 

LDS Business College - Professional Education has the opportunity to bring market driven, skills based education to members of the church worldwide.


Sherami has nearly twenty years of experience in career and workforce development and professional training. Much of her career has been concentrated on helping people increase their skills and professional competencies. Sherami has a Master’s in Public Administration from Brigham Young University. She is passionate about helping others understand their potential and find purpose in their lives and careers. 

arnie allred


Arnie has spent decades in the business of helping people find and meet their occupational goals. As an HR director, a sales manager, a financial officer and entrepreneur, he has found that there is always more that he can learn and more that he can do to help others.  As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Arnie’s joy is to help in the success of others.  From building telephone companies in Russia to restructuring operations in the Philippines, Arnie has had great influence in making lives better and people more engaged.

kent summers


Kent brings a wealth of adult education and training skills and experience to Professional Education. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Business Education with an emphasis in education in the workplace. A seasoned corporate trainer, Kent has designed, facilitated, and evaluated classroom and on-line training experiences globally. He excels at creating learning experiences that deliver increased quality, productivity and return on investment. 

Kamie Fisher

Kamie delivers graphic and technical excellence to Professional Education in all she does. She has focused her education and professional experience in the area of Digital Marketing, with an emphasis in strategy and implementation. She holds a degree in Social Media Marketing from LDS Business College and is continuing her education in Marketing Management. Known as "The Earth's Crust" because she is on top of everything, Kamie consistently strives to add value, create incredible user experiences, and foster the brand of Professional Education.

Marisol Fleming


Marisol spearheads the operations for Professional Education. She brings with her years of experience in a variety of companies and organizations both in the US and Europe. Her background in business, education and fine art bring a creative and people-centric focus to all she does. From business consulting to volunteer work, Marisol is passionate about creating efficiencies and solving problems for both individuals and corporations alike.